Friday, October 23, 2009

DAY 293 - 297

Day 297 Friday, October 23

I cooked Chinese tonight... made me the "BEST mom ever"

Even better now that they were allowed to eat in front of the TV watching one of their favorite shows: Huis Anubis.

Day 296 Thursday, October 22
I took almost all my pics without flash this week. I just love the warm color my pics get, even if they aren't as crisp as I would love them to be. O.K. about my pic of the day: this bear was made for A. by my husband's grandmother. Isn't he cute? I wished she was still among us so she could have made one for L. too but they never met. She passed away before we could visit with L.

Day 295 Wednesday, October 21

These 2 beautiful guitars are my new wall decoration in my bedroom. No!!! I'm not playing guitar, I wish I could but DH is the one playing in our home... and A. is learning.

Day 294 Tuesday, October 20
So happy I took a subscription to these wonderful Chinese National Geography (CNG) issues. The stories and the photos are just amazing. I'm discovering China's wonders every day at noon: this is my new best friend when I'm having my lunch.

Day 293 Monday, October 19
This is one of two little rabbits my girls got from Santa when they were little. Their purpose was to be attached on the seat belt of the car seat so the girls could put their heads on the soft bellies if they wanted to sleep in the car. Today they don't use them anymore but we find a wonderful new place for them. This is the bed my FIL was born in and we recently moved it to our home, restored it and now we have a guest room if needed with 2 funny rabbits watching over our guest. I think it's sweet.


  1. It looks like Fu is watching TV with the girls LOL! More likely he wants some of that yummy-looking Chinese food! My girls are very happy when I cook Chinese too. The bear is so sweet.

  2. wonderful pics from the best mom ever.

    The chinese food looks so yummy - I love chinese food, too

    These guitars are fantastic - great that your husband is playing!!

    Have a nice Sunday and a good start in the new week!