Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DAY 365

L. doing what she loves the most: playing on the computer! I just love the way she's sitting with her knees showing up like that.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

DAY 361

Christmas dinner with my mom today. The girls got some new pyjama's from Santa (at grandma's house) and wanted me to take a pic of them. This is one of the cutest pics I took!

Friday, December 25, 2009

DAY 360

Christmas day with my in laws. Totally forgot to take pics. The girls did make funny photos on a computer. Photo boost was the name of the program they used, I think! I'm waiting for the cousins to send me some of the pics. In the meantime, here's one of the presents my MIL gave L.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

DAY 356 - 359

Day 359 - Thursday, December 24

Christmas eve, just the four of us and ... a raclette dinner.

Day 358 - Wednesday, December 23

a little table decoration... for tomorrow

Day 357 - Tuesday, December 22

Oh, man this project has to end soon... no pics again today! I do have a sweet pic of the girls taken a few months ago.

Day 356 - Monday, December 21

! No pics for today (am I getting lazy?). Here another snow pic from this weekend.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

DAY 342 - 355

Day 355 Sunday, December 20

We had snow for a few days now but today we got plenty.

Day 354 Saturday, December 19

A little sunshine in this cold weather!
Day 353 Friday, December 18

Christmas market in our little town. This is a pic of last year because I didn't get to take pics this year but I'm going to get some from a friend later. So I'll come back to change it.

Day 352 Thursday, December 17

Another really, really cold day today.

Day 351 Wednesday, December 16

It's freazing cold outside!!! First day with temps under zero.

Day 350 Tuesday, December 15

Wild and untamed! That's our laptop's new best friend!

Day 349 Monday, December 14

We promised the girls to play a game after dinner today.

Day 348 Sunday, December 13

Sunday cake made by DH. It was delicious as always.

Day 347 Saturday, December 12

Am I happy today. No DS or computer but instead old fashion crafts. Some fabric, a pair of cissors and before you know it, L. has made a beautiful little candy bag with a bow!

Day 346 Friday, December 11

Just a plant for today.

Day 345 Thursday, December 10

Another pic from L. She took from the TV screen, it's the little character in the game "My little BIG planet" on playstation.

Day 344 Wednesday, December 9

L. took this pic a few months ago! I know I'm cheating but Crazy, right?

Day 343 Tuesday, December 8

We love to go to Ikea and try out the beds!

Day 342 Monday, December 7

My girls "My e-pets" collection.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

DAY 332 - 341 at the beach

Day 341 Sunday, December 6

Still at the beach until this afternoon then a quick visit to my in-laws in Brugge and then back home!

Day 340 Saturday, December 5

We went to the beach for the weekend, we stayed with friends. It was a little cold but so relaxing!

Day 339 Friday, December 4

A glimpse of "Sinterklaas" when he entered the school party at L.'s school today! She was so excited about all this. All the different classes performed a little dance and even if I see it myself but L.'s class did an amazing performance! I didn't get great pics, I never do at these events (always to dark and this time they all had red eyes again) but here is one that isn't too bad when changed in B/W:

Day 338 Thursday, December 3

Oops, no pic today! So I thought I'm going to look at my Prague pics again and just post one of those. Well, these little ladies are Maroushka's and they had little stores filled with them in Prague! So cute!

Day 337 Wednesday, December 2
It's kind of hard to watch TV this way! But with 2 little monkeys in the house, it's always lots of fun!

Day 336 Tuesday, December 1

Yeah, today we start with our calendar! 1st note said: " there are no chores today". This is going to be quite fun until the 24Th!

Day 335 Monday, November 30

I started designing a new kit today... this little guy is a hint.

Day 334 Sunday, November 29
I'm not sure you can see it right but this is our advent calendar, in the shape of a Christmas tree. We had so much fun making this and I think it's quite beautiful too. The girls made a little note for every bag and on December 1st we will take the first one out and just do what's on the note. I'm curious what they came up with! We also have 2 other advent calendars, little ones with chocolate inside... hummy!

Day 333 Saturday, November 28
I'm glad my two little monkeys are careful when they do this!

Day 332 Friday, November 27
L. reaching for some toy in the closet. Thought this was a fun shot!