Saturday, October 10, 2009

DAY 283 - 284

Day 284 Saturday, October 10

L. eating some yellow kiwi, a fruit she never eats ... but today ... she even ate TWO! I'm not going to ask her why. I'm just happy she asked for them and enjoyed eating them. I think it's all about the special kiwi spoon we have. That's a pic for another day! Ohhh, I almost forgot, I played some more with lightroom... still 14 days to go and then my trial version ends.

Day 283 Friday, October 9

I just picked up L. from school. She's all smiles today, she's soooo happy! She's telling me about the new swimming hat she got today. It's a yellow one! It means she's one level up with her swimming: she's in heaven! Way to go, my sweet little big girl!!!


  1. Do they get colored swim caps like karate belts? Move up, get a new color? That would be so fun.

    Fu is getting soooooo big!

  2. beautiful shots of L!! Keep on having fun with swimming!!!

  3. gorgeous pics!!! Congrats to L on her big swim move up! You know, I had fun with Lightroom, ended up buying it about a year ago and haven't really used it since, I hated that you couldn't just simply save a jpeg from LR, that you had to export it out to PS. (Unless I've totally missed something.) Let me know what you think if you decide to buy it.