Sunday, October 18, 2009

DAY 291 - 292

Day 292 Sunday, October 18

We went to a wonderful playground today. It's all NEW and only a 5 minute drive from home! The girls had a blast although A. had a nasty fall but she's O.K. She hurt her ankle a little but a wonderful woman came over to us with some special gel (for bruises) she carried in her purse. She told me she was the grandmother of 2 little boys and always had first aid stuff in her purse. I'll say she's a wise woman.

Day 291 Saturday, October 17

We had a wonderful day with L.'s China sisters today. We come together every 2-3 months : 3 families with 5 kids total. We all became good friends and enjoy each other's company a lot. I wish we had this kind of relationship with A.'s China sisters too but we almost never see them.
Anyway we had a great day at one of the other family's home and had a great and yummy dinner and lots of laughs. Next time it's at our place... will need to check my cook books!

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  1. wonderful to meet China sisters!!

    fantastic picture of the new playground hope A. is ok again and nothing is still hurting!?