Monday, July 27, 2009

DAY 208 - 209

Day 209 Monday, July 27

We went to the beach today and got ... rain! So to have something fun to do indoors(most of the time) we went to a Sealife centre for a couple of hours before joining some friends who were on vacation there and have dinner together.

Day 208 Sunday, July 26
Fu loves it when L. just comes out the pool, all wet and really cold! Must be quite refreshing for him, he gets so warm with all his fur.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

DAY 205-207

Day 207 Saturday, July 25

I got the coolest gift from Marc and the girls. A design tablet (like a Wacom bamboo tablet but mine is from Trust)! This is such an incredible tool. I LOVE IT!!! Look at one of my first drawings in Photoshop... and I'm far from being an artist! ... I have so much to learn... this is so much fun!
Day 206 Friday, July 24
Some more flowers! Got these from DH.

Day 205 Thursday, July 23

My Birthday today! And this is one of my birthday presents, got it from my sister in law. Isn't this cute? We didn't do anything special except go to a restaurant with my SIL (who had her birthday last week) and her DH. Dinner was simply heaven!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DAY 203 - 204

Day 204 Wednesday, July 22

OK! The story behind this one is tooo funny! Every day we have 2 Ice cream trucks passing by our house. "Popeye" which we really don't like (the ice cream isn't that good and the man isn't that nice) and then there is "DingDong" who we really really like. So today we heard the music and were waiting in front of our house. The girls always get really excited when the music gets louder and the truck is almost visible. We can see it at about 60 meters from our home, there is a curve so before that not a clue which one is coming! Forgot to say: they both have the same music (it's a real war between those 2). So today, I asked the girls what do we do if it's Popeye? We jump back inside? We run away? What??? L. stayed very cool and said: I'm hiding! And look how! Isn't this hilarious! It definitely got "the photo of the day" price in my eyes!

Day 203 Tuesday, July 21
The water in the pool is still real cold so the girls were first making their hair wet. Don't ask! I don't have a clue why that would help. Seems to me it would make me feel colder but pfff... these are kids, right! Anyway, it gave me some great shots!

Monday, July 20, 2009

DAY 199 - 202

Day 202 Monday, July 20

I just love this pic! They are not really asleep, they are faking it but isn't it beautiful? A few days ago, I made a LO with almost the same pic (only DH & A.) but that one wasn't staged at all. A. actually fell asleep on her daddy's chest. I LOVE that pic!
Today, I was on the computer (where else!?) when DH yelled "Now, you should take a pic of us!"...
I'm going to make a LO with this one for sure!!!!! and here's the one I'm talking about:

Your dad ~ Credits: Chunlin designs - Your ba ba forever

Day 201 Sunday, July 19

These are some kind of black berries, well we'll need some more patience but wow, are these going to be yummy once they have the right color! And we have soooo many of them on this little bush. Can't wait...

Day 200 Saturday, July 18

Discovering PlayStation and "the little BIG planet" - looks like a very fun game! We also have BUZZ! Man, that's an addicting game! We played all 4 of us and it was soooo much fun!!!

Day 199 Friday, July 17

some flowers in our backyard.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 198

The girls having lunch in our backyard! Pasta salad and French bread - Yumm... Fu just want a little taste of it...
will he get some?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DAY 197

Look at her! She finally can swim above water! YEAH!!!!!! Just love her expression here! She's really trying to get to the other side without taking a break on the way! Our pool is only 4 and a half meters long but for her it was very far... and she made it! After that, she couldn't be stopped anymore, she kept swimming until she was completely exhausted! Yes, that's my girl!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DAY 194 - 196

Day 196 Tuesday, July 14

Not a happy day for L. Her 2 best friends are gone on vacation and on top of that, her sister had a friend come over to play. Last Saturday, she was at a birthday party and A. was alone at home, next month she goes to the beach for 3 days with her best friend and A. will be alone again. But she doesn't seem to care about that. She only knows about today, that her sister is having fun and she's NOT! After she gave us a pouty face for 2 hours, she started to play with the girls and eventually had fun too.

Day 195 Monday, July 13

As soon as Fu sees the camera, he moves! He was sitting in the grass and just looked beautiful. I wanted to take a shot of that moment but wasn't fast enough. He saw me, and like always stood up and came to meet the camera. And this is the result: Fu in motion!

Day 194 Sunday, July 12

Having fun on the swing.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

DAY 191 - 193

Day 193 Saturday, July 11

We had some fun at a photo-matic-taking-pictures-kind of machine (don't know how you call them!). This is a scanned photo. And even if it's of very poor quality, we love it! A. is going to hang it on her wall next to her bed. Isn't that sweet?
Day 192 Friday, July 10

NO! We will NOT laugh... the girls posing with A.'s new shades. They crack me up! They were both so serious at first when I started to take pics but then ... they gave me the beautifulest smile ever.

Day 191 Thursday, July 9

Fly Baby Fly!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DAY 190

They look quite serious, don't they?! And they are! Because playing Winx games on one of their favorite sites is SERIOUS. But it's a lot of fun too! Ho, AND they are stealing my computer time....sigh! It was past nine tonight before I could have it back.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DAY 181 - 189

Day 189 Tuesday, July 7
Fu having some fun nibbling on a wood branch.
Day 188 Monday, July 6

You can't have enough remote controls when watching your favorite show!

Day 187 Sunday, July 5

No pics today! We had a great BBQ at a friends house and had a great time. But I didn't take my camera with me. Our friends took lots of pics so I hope to get one I will put here later.

Day 186 Saturday, July 4

Just love that smile!

Day 185 Friday, July 3

L. having fun with her new dolphin.

Day 184, Thursday July 2

Brrrrr.... cold!

Day 183, Wednesday July 1st

Fu taking a walk in the fields

Day 182, Tuesday June 30

A. eating some cotton candy we brought back from a "kermis", a fair.

Day 181, Monday June 29