Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DAY 91 - little birds

My DH surprised me with some wooden birds he made with his students. I got 12 of them! They will all find a home in our garden. I already like them the way they are but the girls want to give them nice bright colors. And daddy said yes!

Monday, March 30, 2009

DAY 90 - a chignon

L. has ballet practice on Monday and she needs to be ready by the time I come home from work. Last Monday and today again she made her chignon herself! Isn't it gorgeous?

DAY 83 - 89

Day 89 - Sunday march 29

My girls went ice-skating on sunday. I took a lot of pics but the light was horrible so I don't have great ones.

Day 88 - Saturday march 28

L. acting a bit silly - she wanted me to take a pic of her with Bibombl the dog! (No, it's not a rabbit!)

Day 87 - Friday march 27

Isn't he cute! It's so difficult to get a real good shot. I always have a zillion not-so-good-pics of him but this one: I love it! I didn't take this pic! My very talented daughter A. took it.

Day 86 - Thursday march 26

A. playing on the new guitar my DH just bought. She wants to learn, he wants to teach her so ... we had a lot of noise - heu sorry - music in the air tonight.

Day 85 - Wednesday march 25

New hairdo for A. today. She wanted her hair shorter and with bangs. She got it!
What I didn't get is a lot of pics, this is the only one I could snap today.

Day 84 - Tuesday march 24

Some fun on the swing!

Day 83 - Monday march 23

A. loves to take pics herself. Today I even let her "play with my beloved Nikon. She took some great shots. Shhht, I'm cheating a little, this was in fact taken yesterday. Don't tell!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

DAY 78 - 82

Day 82 - Sunday

Today, we went to pick up L. who was at a trooper/girl scout weekend. My baby was gone for 2 days!!! Was I glad to have her back save in my arms -- but not for long: we stopped to eat something on the way back home and there was ... a trampoline.

Day 81 - Saturday march 21

Today we had some fun, We were blowing our hair dry... just A. and I and we took some beautiful pics of her and some crazy ones of me. When I saw mine I was totally ROTFLOL! I'm not really sure it's a good idea to post it here, LOL!

And look what we made for supper!

It's official, right! It's the first day of Spring and what did we do : we grilled our meat on the BBQ!!!! First time this year and in a totally unpropre place -- we are rebuilding and my DH is standing between bricks and concrete -- but it was so much fun and also quite important: it was delicious.

Day 80 - Friday march 20

This was my beautiful little Olive tree. It's the first time we didn't get it inside for the winter. Well, we did but instead of putting it in the house, it went into a little green house in the back of our garden and ... I forgot all about it... so, after a very cold winter and without any water... it didn't survive! Sigh!!!!

Day 79 - Thursday march 19

L. needed some empty eggs (not sure how these are called in E.) for a project at school so her daddy was blowing his loungs out.

Day 78 - Wednesday march 18

Breakfast = a little milk and some Italian bread stiks! That's what A. choose for breakfast this morning. Not my choice but obviously beter then nothing.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 72 to 76

Day 76 Monday 16/03/09:

Just loved L. 's combination today: her pink tutu and her new jeans, ready to go to ballet practice.

Day 75 Sunday 15/03/09:
We were walking with the dog and the girls had their Rollerblades on. It was really nice and I got some great pics. These 2 were taken when DH just said to me "You know what, we could go get some Chinese take out for tonight" But I'm not going, you'll have to go get it, OK? When A. heard this, she instantly fell on her knees and bagged me to go "Please, pleeeease, Mommy, please!" and this last phrase wasn't translated from Dutch, she knows the "please" word in English way to well! She was so funny!
Here some more pics from today:
This is one of my favorite pics of today!

Playing on the swing and acting funny! Just love the look on A. 's face!

Day 74 Saturday 14/03/09:

On our way to a wedding reception: A. making bubbles while asleep in the car!

and on our way home from the wedding reception: A. fast asleep in the back seat!

Day 73 Friday 13/03/09:

I was playing with the levels and curves settings in CS3 - it's all so different from PSE5, I need to learn so much. Tonight I had some fun and I love the result. Don't you?

Day 72 Thursday 12/03/09:
One of the displays at a store we always go to (the girls and I) just for fun! We love to look and discover all the new and colorfull items they got.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DAY 71 Me & My bone!

This was really too cute! Fu saw me take my camera and instead of coming right at me, too fast like always or running away from me, he went to take his bone, comes back right where I'm standing, lies down in front of me and begins to play with his bone. I think it was obvious enough, he wanted me to take a pic of the two of them -- and of course, I did! I just LOVE that dog!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DAY 70 New shoes

My girls got new shoes last weekend. Aren't these lovely! After the winter boots, it's nice to see them in these nice, not-white-for-very-long girly shoes! Of course Fu needed to be in the picture too, he's the furry thing on the right, LOL!

Monday, March 9, 2009

DAY 69 Morocco

We bought this lamp in Morocco and for the past 3 and a half years it was more decorating my upstairs hallway then being used for light(we never bought a socket to put in). Tonight, DH brought it back downstairs, removed the shade from our old Ikea lamp and put this one on top of the other base and voilĂ  : a beautiful warm light in our home. I know the photo is blurry but I'm still trying to understand the settings on my camera.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 57 until today Day 68!

I'm soooo behind ... I'm going to just put some pics here to get back on time! It's so hard to keep up, I just don't have enough hours in a day.

Day 68 - TODAY

L. is really getting addicted to this Nintendo thing... A. loves to play too but not as much as her sister. L. would play all day if she could!

Day 67 - March 7
Blowing bubbles with some friends!

This is my favorite pic of today! You can actually see the bubble spatters. I love it!

Day 66 - March 6

Doesn't look like much,right! But the friends we had over for dinner just loved it!
Some garden cress, some goat cheese and some cheese potatoe chips.

Day 65 - March 5
Fu in a zen moment, looking at me, very peacefully.

Day 64 - March 4

DH posing for me. I was trying out the different settings on my camera. This pic is taken without flash.

Day 63 - March 3
Day 62 - March 2
trying to photograph some textures to make BG papers!

Day 61 - March 1
The star is a Christmas present A. made at school, I love it so much that on March, 1st it still decorates my window. It's time though to remove it, because the green moss is really turning brown. The birthday cards are from L. She turned 7 on Valentine's day. I guess time to remove them too...
Day 60 - February 28
We organized a Martial Art event and the girls were helping out all afternoon. They truly amazed me. They worked so hard. It was really a day to remember!
Day 59 - February 27

I was in Brussels for a meeting and my car was parked just onder the Atomium.
This is the sight I got when I came back to my car.

Day 58 - February 26
The soap dispenser in our bathroom * I just love the green.