Friday, October 16, 2009

DAY 286 - 290

Day 290 Friday, October 16

These are flowers L. made today with some paper napkins. Aren't they beautiful? I love them.

Our dishwasher broke about 2 weeks ago. We have been doing dishes every day since and man it's amazing how much precious family time we loose by it (especially on school days) . So we decided to get a new dishwasher and it arrived today! This is a pic of my last dishes washed by hand. I know we are spoiled but I have THE best excuse ever: I'm a full time working wife, mom of two and owner of a BIG dog with lots of hair!!!!!

Day 289 Thursday, October 15

Fu in one of his zen & peaceful moments.

Day 288 Wednesday, October 14

L. eating one of her favorite dishes: shrimps in cocktail sauce with tomatoes and this time with pasta and cucumber. Notice the baby plate ? It's Winnie the Pooh and the last one I have left from when the girls were babies, sigh.

Day 287 Tuesday, October 13

... and another Asian touch in our living room.

Day 286 Monday, October 12

An ancient Chinese coin on a wonderful old paper background - in a little black frame. This is one of the few Chinese decorations we have in our home.

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  1. love the Asian touch - years ago we were in Hong Kong and other parts of China. It was so fantastic and we loved it!!

    Beautiful flowers L. made and all your other shots are also great!