Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DAY 273 - 274 21 years...

Day 274 Wednesday, September 30

It's our wedding anniversary today! 21 years ago today we said yes to each other officially (we were already a couple for 6 years). We said yes to continue to build a great life together, yes to have kids together (and we have the 2 most wonderful and beautiful daughters on the planet), yes to grow old together (and we are slowly but definitely on our way to that last one, LOL). Hope we will be happy together for many, many more years!

Day 273 Tuesday, September 29
I took this pic from my TV screen! Isn't it gorgeous? I just love these little pinguins from Madagascar and I soooo love to hear A.'s laughter when she watches them.

Monday, September 28, 2009

DAY 271 - 272

Day 272 Monday, September 28

Our neighbours have this giant chestnut tree in their backyard and today they brought us a bag full of chestnuts. I roasted some. Man, are these yummy!!! Fall definitely arrived!

Day 271 Sunday, September 27

I'm playing with Lightroom - LOVE IT! Still 24 days to go and then my trial version expires. Am I going to buy it or not? Love what it can do with my pics but it's a lot of $$... need to think about it and play some more... Wouldn't this be a super great Christmas present... I could definitely wait until Christmas!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

DAY 270 - Ouch

Fu had a little accident on his walk home yesterday. He got stuck somewhere with his leg and his nail (from his thumb)was almost broken in two. Nothing major but I couldn't help him. The break was to close to where his nail begins and I could see the flesh under it. I didn't feel comfortable doing it myself so we went to the vet today. Fu doesn't like the vet. How big of a dog he is, how scared and little he feels at the vet. Funny to see! Poor Fu you'll say... but now that it's over he's showing of his bandage. And he doesn't try to get it off! What a cool dog. I love him!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

DAY 268 - 269

Day 269 Friday, September 25
We went to town after school and had some fun!

Day 268 Thursday, September 24
When I went to pick up L. at school today (at 5.20 pm), poor baby was the only kid still at school! SIGH!!! But she didn't mind, she had a great time searching for walnuts in the garden behind the school.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DAY 267

I'm not really great with plants. I always forget to give them water ... This little one is new! Marc bought it on Saturday along with another one, a ficus benjamina. Typical plants we used to buy in the Eighties, not exactly what I would buy now but I'll do my best and love it, although I'm sure I'm going to mess it up again and let the poor thing die of thirst.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DAY 252 - 266

Day 266 Tuesday, September 22
That's TODAY!!! I made it one more time... it's getting harder to keep up with this project but I made myself a promise today: I'm going to post every day, or at least every few days. No way I'm going to be able to ketch up next time I'm MIA for so long.

O.K., here's my pic for today
Just beautiful L. posing for mom's pic of the day!

Day 265 Monday, September 21

This is what A. played tonight after home work. She just loves this game. It's called Little Big Planet (from PlayStation) and it's so much fun. What's really cool is that every time she's starts to play, new updates are downloaded automatically and new features are added. It changes all the time.

Day 264 Sunday, September 20

We visited the Castle of Loppem, near Brugge today. My MIL and L. were resting a little while A. was taking pics. Here's a pic from "an angel with a waffle iron" (A.'s words!)

Day 263 Saturday, September 19
The girls playing with their latest purchase : they put their money together so they could buy this horse barn from Playmobil.

Day 262 Friday, September 18
This is my attempt of slowing down time.

Day 261 Thursday, September 17
It's fruit day at A.'s school today. Kids have to bring at least one piece of fruit to school every Thursday. They receive a second fruit (mostly an apple) from school. My kids take fruit every day to school but many kids don't. This is a project in all schools, it started last year. I think it's a great initiative. L. has her fruit day on Wednesday.

Day 260 Wednesday, September 16

Of course, we don't always drink from the bottle! It's just that ... A doesn't always have time to take a glass!

Day 259 Tuesday, September 15

It' getting harder and harder to take a pic every day. No pic today but I thought why not post my latest LO? I made this one with Vera Lim's Texture it! No 4 and her kit "Life's an adventure".

Day 258 Monday, September 14
The girls marching like soldiers with their umbrellas. It was so funny!

Day 257 Sunday, September 13

A. trying out her new Karate kimono she got yesterday. She LOVES karate! Would love to go practice twice a week but it's way too late on Tuesday nights so she'll have to settle with Saturdays only. She did Judo for almost a year (like daddy) but got hurt a few times and gave up. Now, she's totally into karate! She can't wait to get her next belt!

Day 256 Saturday, September 12
After shopping, we went to a MacDonald. A took this pic at the play area. It was dark and it was taken with a little point&shoot camera. But don't you love the way L. is posing for the camera?
Day 255 Friday, September 11

It's my mom's birthday today but we are seeing each other on Sunday. So no pics today! This pic was taken on Saturday: we went clothes shopping.

Day 254 Thursday, September 10

This smile means so much to me. A has been so sad and down lately that seeing her smile warms my heart. She has more and more happy moments again and that is all I want for her: Happy moments!

Day 253 Wednesday, September 9

I so love her happy moments!

Day 252 Tuesday, September 8
6 years ago today, I hold L. for the first time in my arms. Such a wonderful feeling! Every year we celebrate this day and do something special. This year L. choose an Italian restaurant and the Bowling alley to finish the evening... we had so much fun! We are so blessed to have this little girl in our lives.

Monday, September 7, 2009

DAY 251 - Tintin

Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock and the Professor. Do you know these characters? From Hergé, a Belgium cartoonist known all around the world for the wonderful comic books he created (The adventures of Tintin...). Well, we have this little miniature jeep in our kitchen. I think it's cute!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

DAY 248 - 250

Day 250 Sunday, September 6

My sister came over today. We didn't see each other for months. This is her little boy, isn't he gorgeous? I just love his eyes!!!

Day 249 Saturday, September 5

"Mom, please stop! How many pics did you take? 100!!!!. this is my last smile! I mean it"

Day 248 Friday, September 4
A few minutes before bedtime I remembered I didn't have a pic for today. L was more then happy to be my subject! It's so great to see her smile like this. Especially after a not so great evening. The girls had their first rollerblading training of the new season. L was going to get new roller-blades (the competition model like the big kids) but no, no can do! Her feet are still to small, all the blades she tried on were way to big. I promised her she will get better & faster ones but not the competition ones yet. She gave me big tears! It was really hard on her, also because big sister did get hers. But she survived and now I need to keep my promise... by next Friday. How could I not keep it after she gave me this big smile?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

DAY 247 - Schoolbooks

These are A.'s new school calendar, notebooks and schoolbooks. She made the LO herself with the kit "A child's play" from Vera Lim. Isn't this gorgeous? This took me all evening , these books are all plastified, pfff!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DAY 245 - School!

Yeah! school started today! And we were READY but a little nervous too. A. is going to 4Th grade... in a new school. She's happy about it (changing schools is her choice) but also scared. New environment, new people, new friends, new learning methods... so much to deal with. But it went well. She did fine and had fun, made some new friends already, likes her teacher and is happy she's going back tomorrow.
L. had a great day too. My little peanut is in SECOND grade!!! She loves her new teacher (the one A. had last year - a really really nice person), was thrilled to see her best friends again but ... they told me she had a bit of a hard time at recess and lunch time because she misses her sister. She'll do fine but it's such a big adjustment for her to be by herself at school now.
I just remembered I have some documents to fill for the girls to take to school tomorrow. I better do it right away otherwise L. is going to give me the evil eye in the morning!