Saturday, October 3, 2009

DAY 275 - 277

Day 277 Saturday, October 3

After L.'s gymnastic hour this morning I went with some other moms to L.'s school today to give the gates and the playground some new flashy colors. The gates will need a second round of paint but for the rest we did finish by 3:00 pm. At 5:00 pm A. had her karate lesson and at 6:30 we picked up L.'s friend and went to the Rollerblades festivities where the girls got a medal for participating in a contest. (A. was feeling sick that day so no medal for her. Poor baby but she's a good sport, she cheered for her sister) Marc joined us later on (he had a Judo demonstration in a nearby town) and we all enjoyed watching the kids on their roller-blades and had a meat/cheese/wine supper with yummy cake to end the evening. What a busy, busy Saturday, pfffff.

Day 276 Friday, October 2
We ate Belgian fries today! No time to make dinner or supper today: so we went for shhht... junk food! I'm a bad girl, I'm sheating: this isn't a pic I took, I found it on the internet but who cares, right!

Day 275 Thursday, October 1

Not my best photo but that's all I have for today. So, this is a little wooden horse DH made when we were waiting parents back in 2000.

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  1. fantastic shot with the coloured gate!! I also love the shot of the Belgian fries!
    Congrats to the rollerblades medal!