Thursday, October 8, 2009

DAY 281 - 282

Day 282 Thursday, October 8

A. trying to teach Fu some tricks. She had such a blast and he indulged her just so he could get some of the yummy stuff she's holding!

Day 281 Wednesday, October 7

I forgot to take a pic today! SO it will have to be my latest LO again, "Being with you". I made this one with Vera Lim's wonderful kit Simple pleasures


  1. I love the "he indulged her to get some of the yummy stuff" isn't that just like our pets, they let us THINK we achieved teaching them something when in reality it was all about the treats! LOL Too sweet!

    Great LO too!

  2. cute shot of Fu and A. - love her smile!!

    The page you made is totally stunning!! Really gorgeous - love the colour effects over the picture! How did you do that?