Friday, November 20, 2009

DAY 323 - 325

Day 325 Friday, November 20

This is the birthday card my MIL got from us this week. I made this online in less then 10 minutes, at the Hallmark site, ordered and shipped one card to my MIL and a copy to myself. It arrived today and I LOVE IT! The quality of the paper and the colors of the pics are amazing! I think I'll make all my Birthday cards this way from now on! It's so easy, no printing at home and no running to the post office ... oh, and the shipping was free. So I just payed the cards! Super great deal!

Day 324 Thursday, November 19

I ordered Chinese today and when I went to get it, they gave me a wonderful Chinese calendar. It's going to be the Year of the Tiger in 2010!

Day 323 Wednesday, November 18

It's hard to see but this is L. searching for some toy in the closet. I thought it was quite funny, She almost disappeared in it!

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