Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 304 - 308 Prague

Day 308 Tuesday, November 3
The girls waiting in the lobby. It's back home today and DH was at the reception paying the bill. We left Prague at 10.30 am and got home tonight at 7.45 pm. It was a great trip home. It's hard to believe but we had no traffic jam at all. Rain and lots of cars but we got home all in one piece!

Day 307 Monday, November 2

Second day of sight-seeing... it's raining so I didn't take many pics today, sigh! I did manage to get this one. Aren't these buildings wonderful. Oh, and here one of the girls!

Day 306 Sunday, November 1

The ROOFS of Prague. I took quite some pics of the beautiful roofs you see in Prague. For this one I was standing on Charles Bridge!

Day 305 Saturday, October 31
We are in Prague!!!!! And this is part of our room at the "Esplanade" hotel where we'll stay for 3 nights!

Day 304 Friday, October 30

On our way to Prague! We stopped for the night in a little German town and stayed at a B&B hotel for one night. We had supper in a Chinese restaurant and the girls took all kind of pics. This is one of them!


  1. Glad you made it home safely. The buildings look awesome! Hope you all had a great time!


  2. wonderful pictures from Prague! love the one with your two girls under the umbrella - it´s so cute!

    in which little German town you had stayed?