Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DAY 320 - 322

Day 322 Tuesday, November 17

FOREVER ZEN that's what is written on A.'s glasses! Isn't that cool? Love the fact that she can change her look with these clips. I want her to have more but they are quite expensive - 30 Euro ($44.63) for the clip only - so she'll have to wait for a special occasion like her birthday in January.

Day 321 Monday, November 16

Recycling stuff: plastic bottles, glass, paper, cardboard etc... and that's from one day only! Pfff!!!

Day 320 Sunday, November 15

This is a necklace I got in Prague, it's made with Bohemian glass. The girls got one too: L. choose a little heart and A. a little moon.

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  1. beautiful pictures! and fantastic glasses - great idea with the clips