Friday, November 6, 2009

DAY 309 - 311

Day 311 Friday, November 6
Drinkin' some chocolate milk while watching her favorite show.

Day 310 Thursday, November 5
Some Chinese sugar we have. I just used it to sweeten a mint tea I made for A. and me.

Day 309 Wednesday, November 4
Our little Buddha is watching over us as we are making dinner in our kitchen. He came back with us on our last trip to China or was it the first one?
Oh, Bentonflocke (what's your first name, BTW?) we stayed in Obertshausen, not far from Frankfurt! Thanks for all your nice comments!!!!


  1. Interesting sugar. I have never seen that before!

  2. yummy chocolate milk - my boys loves it, too!!

    My father has had a Buddha - don´t know where he got to!

    The chinese sugar looks very interesting!!

    Ah Obertshausen - I know it - but it was too far away for me - I thought we could drink a cup of coffee together, otherwise.

    Many hugs from Angelika ;-))