Saturday, November 14, 2009

DAY 313 - 319

Day 319 Saturday, November 14
A. has to wear glasses again. Her old ones were to small so here she is with a brand new pair of stylish black glasses where she can clip some other colors on. Here she has a blue clip on it, she also has a transparent one with silver words on it. She also loved a green clip but she'll have to wait for that one until her birthday in January. Isn't she cute? I just love her smile here!

Day 318 Friday, November 13

No pic for today! I had a really busy day and came home really late from my first self-defense lesson. It's been ages since I did any kind of sports but tonight I learned some defense techniques and I had a lot of fun after been exhausted by the warming up they made us do. Today our teacher was a police man, next Friday it will be my DH who's going to teach us how to defend our self. I signed up for 10 lesson. Oh, and ... I was the only woman on the tatami tonight! Hope there will be more of us next time.

Day 317 Thursday, November 12
Just a cute pic of Fu sitting on the porch

Day 316 Wednesday, November 11
No school today! 2 best friends having fun eating candy and watching nickelodeon. A. was at a friend's house so L. had her friend over to play with.

Day 315 Tuesday, November 10

My first LO about our trip to Prague. Many others will follow.... I hope!

Day 314 Monday, November 9

When I picked up A. after school, she told me she hurt herself jumping on the trampoline. She sprained her thumb and her hand was really swollen. Poor baby, she was hurt and nobody noticed... we filled in some forms and I called our family doctor. He send us to the ER. We only had to wait half an hour and were on our way to radiology. Yeah, nothing broken! She got some salve to put on her hand and I was allowed to give her some ibuprofen. Slight problem for tomorrow: it's her left hand and she's a lefty.

Day 313 Sunday, November 8

L. wearing daddy's hat. Isn't she the cutest?


  1. A is so cute in her styling glasses! I have never heard of the clip-on colors - great idea! Glad her hand wasn't broken. Love the photo of Fu. Such an artistrocrat! Cute photo of L too! I so wish I had kept up with this project. So precious to capture the everyday happenings of our lives.

  2. those glasses are so darn cute!!! Sorry about her hand though :(
    Fu, cute as always and love that sweet smile in the hat pic!