Sunday, June 28, 2009

DAY 176 - 180

Day 180 - Sunday, June 28

Noooo! She isn't afraid of some big monster she just saw. Nooo, she just realised I was taking pics of her... We had a big party at school today. I took like a zillion pics through the day, some really cute ones from the kids performances but this one, well this one gives me the giggles every time I look at it. L. just cracks me up! Look at the next shot! Love it!

Day 179 - Saturday, June 27

Oh, I so wished I had my macro lens to take this pic! Isn't it beautiful! About the macro lens: I'm getting one for my birthday... next month! YIPPIE!!! DH just told me to go get it today (a month early!)... but I didn't have time, too much to do. I hope to make it to the store by next Saturday! I'll let you know!

Day 178 - Friday, June 26

We just love to eat these little tomatoes. Don't they look YUMMY!

Day 177 - Thursday, June 25
Fresh from our garden!

Day 176 - Wednesday, June 24
This is a little present A. brought me from her field trip yesterday. She didn't find a little Fu so instead she got met this little fellow. I think he's cute!


  1. Love those fun expressions! what great pics!! :)

  2. all are beautiful shots!! But the first three ones are my fav.