Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DAY 154 - 162

Day 162 Wednesday, June 10 TODAY!

A very blurry pic for today but I just love the way my basil looks today. Bought it yesterday, gave it some extra water this morning and look at how gorgeous it looks tonight! Well, you need to look behind the blur to see its beauty. Isn't it strange that sometimes the most unimportant things can make your day better?!

Day 161 Tuesday, June 9

I bought this trunk from a colleague and it's standing in my living room right now. My DH has this funny hat he wears sometimes when the sun is shining and he wants to feel like he's in the South of France, sitting on a terrasse & enjoying a vacation with a glass of wine in his hand. I though the hat & the trunk looked very nice together!

Day 160 Monday, June 8

Couldn't resist! I had to buy all the different Chinese tea they had in store. I'm not even a regular tea drinker (I'm more a coffee person).

Day 159 - Sunday, June 7

My MIL had these t-shirts made by a charity she sponsors and wanted me to take some pics and email them to her... but I think this isn't right, right? What's wrong in this picture?

Day 158 - Saturday, June 6

We bought the girls some thermo suits today. The water in our pool is really, really cold... especially when the temperature outside is only 16°C (60°F)! Daddy doesn't mind when he has his thermo suit on, so A. wanted to give it a try too. But even so, it was really toooooo cold for her.

Day 157 - Friday, June 5

Don't they look YUMMY!!!!

Day 156 - Thursday, June 4

Oops, didn't have a pic for today. I'll use this one, i took it for a little project we have over at CDS: taking pics of numbers between 1-365. It's a lot of fun.

Day 155 - Wednesday, June 3

Think, baby think!

Day 154 - Tuesday, June 2

This is one of the very rare pics we have on show in our living room.


  1. Chantal, Great pictures! I love the one of the girls in the shirts. They look quite pleased with themselves! Your new trunk is wonderful and the hat on it is just perfect!

  2. The colors in the tea photo are so pretty, no wonder you had to buy them all!