Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DAY 168 - 169

Day 169 Wednesday, June 17

My girls painted some little plates the other day. Today was the first time they used them ... to eat some strawberries. I thought it was cute to see a real strawberry next to Anouk's painted one. Oh, in case you wonder, she painted a cone of ice cream and a waffle to go with her strawberry. Isn't that yummy?

Day 168 Tuesday, June 16

Just some Belgian cows. They weren't too impressed by my camera. I didn't notice at the time I took the pic but aren't they all looking the other way?


  1. beautiful plate! It reminds me of the Eric Carle Children's book, the very hungry caterpillar! the cow pic is so funny! Love the crop of it!

  2. What a cheerful plate! It does look like some Eric Carle would do! Love the fact that the cows are all mooning you!

  3. Very sweet plate. We have a couple Stephanie did in pre-K and I just love them.