Friday, June 19, 2009

DAY 170 - 171

Day 171 Friday, June 19

I was making myself some mint tea (like they drink in Morocco) - lots of fresh mint & sugar (I know not good but oh, so yummy - tastes like holiday!) when I saw JoAnn's post about some root beer floating something. I'll ask about it on your blog! I didn't have a pic for today so ... thanks for the idea JoAnn.

Day 170 Thursday, June 18

Another little visitor we had today! This morning I had to remove a big spider from our bathroom (L. wasn't too sure about the spider been friendly so hop she had to go!) and tonight just before bedtime, the girl spotted this little fellow on our wall! Love to look at them but I prefer them outside and not inside my home.


  1. fab photo of the've displayed my fav drink here. My guy is moroccan and he always make us a pot of tea in the weekend, so good! I'm about to go to the fresh market and get me some mint! :)

  2. Hmmm, that tea looks good! speaking of mint...
    ever tried a Mojito? (Moe-hee-toe) It's mint, lime, rum and sparkling water. Yum....

  3. mmmh the tea looks so delicious and refreshing!

    Yea JoAnn Mojito is really yummy! Do you also love Caipirinha?