Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DAY 174 - 175

Day 175 - Tuesday June 23
We went for a walk after supper. I took some pics in the fields and I just love this one! It looks like L. is looking at a lavender field, with the purple and all. You can't really see what it is because the background is all blurry but I love the touch of purple. Well, we of course don't have lavender fields over here... it's just an ordinary field of potatoes.

Day 174 - Monday June 22
This is L. shopping in her favorite store- toys and toys and everywhere you look: toys! A little gift for her teacher, a new lunchbox for next year and a new little Petshop friend, just because she wants it. Oh, wait! Didn't we come here because we needed a present for a birthday party next Wednesday? But, Mom wait!!!! There are so many Petshops! I want this one but I like that one, oh, and look at that other one! I love them all! How many can I take home, Mom?


  1. We have way too may pet shop characters in this house!

  2. GORGEOUS photo!! wow!! I loved the post that goes with the bottom photo! too funnY!

  3. fantastic shot in the field - really gorgeous!

    The other one is great too - love your journaling!