Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 146 - 152

Day 152 Sunday, May 31

The girls gave us this bouquet. Beautiful! So we thought too, until we saw they had picked some of our very young white lavender. DH wasn't too thrilled about that!

Day 151 Saturday, May 30

Grilled succini and chicken

Day 150 Friday, May 29

We had a visitor

Day 149 Thursday, May 28

Not the best shot, that's true but I love it anyway. These are white lavender plants we have in our garden.

Day 148 Wednesday, May 27

Still enjoying the little flowers I got for Mother's Day.

Day 147 Tuesday, May 26

My supply of sezchuan pepper - used it once so far!

Day 146 Monday, May 25

Just playing together...

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  1. beautiful pictures!! Greetings from our vacations to Austria!!