Sunday, May 24, 2009

DAY 144 - 145

DAY 145 Sunday, May 24

Gorgeous weather today! The girls were having fun in the pool... although it took like forever for L. to jump in, the water was still very cold... A. was helping her to get used to the water. Isn't' that sweet? Love to see my girls having fun together.

Day 144 Saturday, May 23

Where did Fu's head go? This dog is so much fun! Here he's acting crazy because the girls were in the pool laughing and having fun... and he wanted to play along but ... I think he's afraid of the water so instead of coming closer he was actually moving backwards and shaking his head. So, did you find it?


  1. great you had such a wonderful weather - enjoy it!!

    Beautiful pictures!!

  2. Love them together in the pool!! so sweet! :)