Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 135 - 137

Day 137 Saturday, May 16

Today was another day of Ballet! This is a pic of the program. The dancers had to be at the theater at 6:00 pm - show started at 8:30 pm and finished at 11:40 pm for the second night in a row. The kids were exhausted but loved every minute of it! We (some of the moms) weren't too thrilled about the late hour and are definitely looking to find a different ballet school for next year... where there will be some consideration for the young age of most of the dancers and performance will start much, much, muuuch earlier in the day. And where we are alloyed to take pics!!! I'm soo frustrated about that too! We will get a DVD but I'm not sure L. will be visible on it: she was dancing behind a much much bigger girl, so much for coreography, right.
Our girls also only did one dance, L. wasn't allowed to dance the final because she missed one practice (it was during holidays - and we weren't in town): that's what makes me the most angry. She never missed a lesson until Easter break when we went on vacation for a week. And because of that, she had to wait and look at her friends performing their last little dance before the end of the show. Another girl brought her and a few other little girls in the same situation on stage minutes before the end. She didn't mind about this but I DO! Sorry I had to vent a little I guess. Should do that at CDS, not here but oh, well it's over and she loved it! That's the important thing!

Day 136 Friday, May 15

Today was an important day for L.: her first BALLET performance.
She did great! We only saw her for about 5 minutes in a 2,5 hours show but she was amazing! Even if it's my mommy's heart speaking. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any pics during the show or backstage. So this is a pic taken at midnight after the show when we went for French Fries - silly idea of DH - but our little ballerina was so hungry...

Day 135 Thursday, May 14

L. is cleaning the tree-house, well that's what she started to do ...


  1. wonderful shots!! I understand that you are angry about the situation in the ballett school and I agree with you!! That´s not good and not fair!

  2. great photos and what a sweet invitation for the ballet!!

    Oh yeah, I've got a fun little game on my blog this week: 'guess what it is'. Would love it if you played along! :)

  3. I would be venting too and looking for a different place for my children to dance! I cant believe with one missed practice she wasn't allowed to dance in the final. Sounds to me that whoever operates the school needs to lighten up a bit! Love your pictures!

  4. I'd definitely be looking at a different ballet school -- the performance hour is totally unreasonable and not allowing her to have one excused absence and be in the finale is so wrong.