Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 138 - 140

Day 140 Tuesday, May 19

This is the cover from a new cook book I bought today. I can't resist a book about Asian food: I need to look in it and if it's not too expensive, it always ends up in my shopping bag.
Oh, I forgot to answer a question from Bentonflocke in my last entry, sorry: We lived near Köln. We left Germany about 20 years ago but still love to go back.
Day 139 Monday, May 18

I'm saving for a macro lens but in the meantime...

Day 138 Sunday, May 17

DH playing with the girls, tickling L.
L.: "Daddy, come back pleeeeease..." I wanna tickle you!!!!!


  1. Thanks for answer my question! Köln is far away from me - but I visited a few years ago.

    Enjoy cooking with your new cook book!

    Love your tickling pictures!

  2. hat a great bunch of pictures! Love the ones with the poppy and of course the tickle ones!