Saturday, May 9, 2009

DAY 127 - 130

DAY 130 Saturday, May 9

Beautiful creature but unfortunately the girls and I have such a fear of these... This one and a lot of his family found a home in our garden, sigh!

DAY 129 Friday, May 8
L.'s hair were getting way too long and the ends were very very thin so today, we went to the hairsalon for some extra care and a new haircut.

No big changes - just 15 cm shorter! She still has long, long hair but it looks much healthier now and the most important thing : SHE 's happy about it!

DAY 128 Thuesday, May 7

My mom always buys little gifts for my girls. I always say she doesn't have to, but she can't stop. She just loves it. The other day she had 2 beautifuls butterflies: a blue and a pink one. We put them in the garden for some extra color: nice, right!
Day 127 Wednesday, May 6

Please, let me take another pic, pleeeease! I needed some specific pics for a LO I had to make (a scene I wanted to create) and after some resistance A. gave me a little smile. I so love her!

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