Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DAY 21 Cooking Chinese

These are my Chinese/Asian cookbooks, I'm no expert and I don't really have time for it but once in a while I try a new recipe. The black book is my favorite: Flavourous China! The recipes in that book are more about food like we tasted in China, nothing to compare with the Chinese food we get served at the local Chinese restaurants, here in Belgium. It's more about the real Chinese cooking, not the westernized(is this a word?) Chinese cooking. Sometimes I just look at the photos. They are gorgeous! I'll show a page or two tomorrow. Gorgeous!


  1. I love Chinese food! I thought we had gotten real Chinese food while we were in China, but the food our Chinese au-pair cooks for us once in a while is NOTHING like what we had in China LOL It's much spicier, much more flavorful and MUCH better!!
    I love photos of books!!

  2. westernized(is this a word?)

    This is most definitely a word and the downfall of so many ethnic cuisines in restaurants here in the US and, evidently Belgium!

    I love cookbooks! I love looking at beautiful food presentations but when I'm done I don't always feel up to the task of making the recipe. Sometimes looking is enough!!

    Great Photo!

  3. LOVE the color combo in your photo!!

  4. Oh, I love to look at cookbooks! I think you've just inspired a photo of the day in my near future :)

  5. I love cookbooks too and I wish I had some Chinese ones. I'm feeling more adventurous in my cooking these days. You have inspired me to go look for a good Chinese cookbook!

  6. Great photo of bright colors. I have some coolbooks too but never seem to get into them. The idea of cooking seems good, but I just seldom do anything out of the box when it comes to cooking.