Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blog Award

Wow, This is amazing!
I just received this award from Tammy
Thank you!!! This is so much fun!

OK, here are 5 things I'm addicted to:
1. My Nikon DX 55-200 mm lens
2. My Nikon D60 reflex camera of course
3. Digital scrapping
4. CDS (Chinadigitalscrapbooksdotcom - my second home)
5. coffee

And here are the 5 fabulous girls I'm sending the award to:
and would love to pass on to more of you...
(grab this award and do everything I did here!)

Sorry but I couldn't make it work to make your names clickable. I do this all the time when I post LOs to link kits to my pages but somehow it didn't work here. Edit: THANKS Tammy for showing me the way!!!


  1. Chantal, you're a peach! Doing a photo a day has really motivated me. My "other" blog is downright sad and dusty....


  2. Hi Chantal! To make something clickable, you type it then select it - then click the link button (it's a globe with a chain link on it) and paste it in, you can't use the [url= thing that we use when we post layouts unless you're in html mode - good luck! :)