Friday, August 28, 2009

day 241 - Bento box

This is ridiculous! On the left, L.'s lunch box from Diddl and next to it: A.'s BENTO BOX!!! Look how small that box is. How on earth am I supposed to put her lunch in there? She waited so patiently, was so excited I ordered a Bento box just for her, like the ones she saw on TV, all the way from France, first order was lost in the mail, had to wait some more, was promised a little extra present, all was fine and then... we got this ridiculous extra small little box! A. was so disappointed. She doesn't want to use it! Man, did I miss something here? I know these are Japanese boxes and I know they are more used for rice and sushi and all those Japanese yummy looking rolls and such but ... I really thought they were bigger so we could put some bread, vegetables and fruit in there... man, was I wrong... now, we need to go buy another box for A. Pfff, not always easy...

1 comment:

  1. I´m sorry for A! Hope you´ll find a wonderful bigger box for her!