Thursday, August 27, 2009

DAY 232 - 240

Day 240 Thursday, August 27

DH put this on L.'s head at table tonight and she didn't take it off. She was playing on the computer and I just loved the way she looked at the screen, so focused and so funny. I tried to take a pic but it was way to dark. So I called her and this is the smile she gave me when she turned to look at me. I so love her!

Day 239 Wednesday, August 26

L. is getting really fast in "crochet" - I have no clue how you say this in English though!

Day 238 Tuesday, August 25

Forgot to take a pic today. So I'm cheating a little here but who cares, right! Look at this wonderful photo of A.

Day 237 Monday, August 24

Look at that smile! Finally number 4 has fallen. I just love her toothless smile!

Day 236 Sunday, August 23

Really beautiful weather today so we took the girls to swim in a lake about an hour drive from home. The water was COLD but L. did it, she went in! This is her victory pose!

Day 235 Saturday, August 22

The biggest church we have in our town.

Day 234 Friday, August 21

What you can't see is that my DH is on the other side making waves. A loves it!

Day 233 Thursday, August 20

Why is it so coooold!

Day 232 Wednesday, August 19

Love the sun on her face.


  1. wow great shots - my favorite are the two (232/238) of your elder daughter - she looks so grown and the sun in her face is really beautiful

  2. We also say crochet! Great summery photos and the church is so beautiful.