Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DAY 228 - 231

Day 231 Tuesday, August 18

Singing along with one of their favorite shows! They were so funny! I should have filmed it instead of taking pics! They just came out of the pool and their adrenaline was still pumping crazy I guess, they were still so laud and excited. I could here it in the way they were singing! Man, this vacation really did it, my girls are having so much fun together! I'm in heaven!

Day 230 Monday, August 17

3 days ago I thought her second front tooth would fall out ... but no! Not with this child! Her baby teeth really don't want to leave and she's so afraid to even touch them, no way she's going to pull them out herself! This child is such a mystery to me sometimes. She has no fear of needles, she is always so brave when she's really sick and in pain but when she sees a little scratch on her body, all hell breaks loose! Same with her teeth! It's quite an adventure every time! And she only lost 3 so far...

Day 229 Sunday, August 16

We went to Plopsa Coo (an amusement park) today and it was hot, hot, hot!!! These water fountains were so refreshing.

Day 228 Saturday, August 15
My girls painting with Chinese brushes on real Chinese paper! L. is writing her Chinese name. She did an amazing job! And A. did great too but got tired of it and wanted to ... just paint something on regular paper!

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  1. wonderful shots - each shot is great! Wonderful to see L. writing her Chinese name!