Friday, August 14, 2009

DAY 223 - 227

Day 227 Friday, August 14
Toothless! This is only her 3rd tooth she's lost and she's already 7,5. Number 4 is very loose too so I hope to have a new pic by tomorrow with her 2 front teeth missing! It's about time she looses them because she's had pressure and even pain for a year now. Her good teeth are soooo ready to come out and are pushing but the little baby teeth don't want to leave.

Day 226 Thursday, August 13
New haircut for A. and me! Mine isn't quite what I wanted, DH and the girls even laughed when I got home from the hairdresser (not funny!) but I just love A.'s new hairdo (only... she looks even more grown up now!).

Day 225 Wednesday, August 12
We had some friends over today but I want it to be a secret just a few days longer ... so just a pic of beautiful L.

Day 224 Tuesday, August 11

The girls made a list of some DS games they really want!

Day 223 Monday, August 10
Yeah, so much fun on the new Dell!

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  1. beautiful shots - love the new haircut!

    Have a nice Sunday!