Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 210 - 220

Day 220 Friday, August 7

I made it!!!!! Pffff, this took me a big part of my evening to put this post together and ... guess what? ... I forgot to take a pic for today, LOL. So you get to see my beautiful daughters... out of focus... again!

Day 219 Thursday, August 6

Look at my candle! Yesterday we stayed outdoors late and I forgot to take my candle back inside. Today was the hottest day of our Belgian Summer and my candle just MELT! LOL!!!

Day 218 Wednesday, August 5

We had friends over after work and the kids were having so much fun playing around with water. They were soaking wet! L. was so into it! She was the smallest but man she got them all! No dry spot on any one of them to be found! Fun, fun, fun!

Day 217 Tuesday, August 4
L. showing off some clothes she got from big sis! The pants are still to large but she loves this outfit!

Day 216 Monday, August 3

On my way to work after 3 weeks at home! Goodbye vacation, good morning routine...
I work in a little town which is famous for its beer. On this roundabout, you can see a copper beer kettle. I thought it's quite special. Oh, and I took this pic while drivin'. Great, right!

Day 215 Sunday, August 2
We had a little fun today, my girls were models having a photoshoot!

Day 214 Saturday, August 1

Ho, I think there is a curse on us! Our hard disk crashed 6 months ago on our laptop. We bought a new desktop in December and a few days ago, Internet explorer died! Along with other stuff . A friend came to look at it but had no clue how to repair it and asked for a few days to come up with a plan. There was no way I was going to stay without my beloved CDS so I tried to surf on our old laptop and it worked but then... yesterday DH saw a great deal for a Dell Inspiron and ... well, here it is, on my desk and I already installed PSE5 and got my google bookmarks up with CDS on the first place! Just love it that we have a portable again!

Day 213 Friday, July 31
This was taken at the beach last Monday. I love her smile! I didn't have a pic for today.

Day 212 Thursday, July 30

DH ate about 500 gr of these barbecued jumbo prawns at dinner tonight. These 4 are all there is left! And he is the only one here that eats them.

Day 211 Wednesday, July 29

These are a few of my girls old clothes we are giving away to a charity tomorrow. These will help some less fortunate kids here in Belgium. I hope they like them.

Day 210 Tuesday, July 28

Another flower from our garden


  1. Love the modeling shots and there's something really cool about the folded clothes! Yo've go a great eye. Too bad about the candle!

  2. each is a fantastic shot!! The wet pictures are so special, and the modeling shots are cool great!
    I also love the prawns.... they are soooo yummy!

  3. Great photos! I just got an Inspiron laptop, too! :)