Monday, March 30, 2009

DAY 83 - 89

Day 89 - Sunday march 29

My girls went ice-skating on sunday. I took a lot of pics but the light was horrible so I don't have great ones.

Day 88 - Saturday march 28

L. acting a bit silly - she wanted me to take a pic of her with Bibombl the dog! (No, it's not a rabbit!)

Day 87 - Friday march 27

Isn't he cute! It's so difficult to get a real good shot. I always have a zillion not-so-good-pics of him but this one: I love it! I didn't take this pic! My very talented daughter A. took it.

Day 86 - Thursday march 26

A. playing on the new guitar my DH just bought. She wants to learn, he wants to teach her so ... we had a lot of noise - heu sorry - music in the air tonight.

Day 85 - Wednesday march 25

New hairdo for A. today. She wanted her hair shorter and with bangs. She got it!
What I didn't get is a lot of pics, this is the only one I could snap today.

Day 84 - Tuesday march 24

Some fun on the swing!

Day 83 - Monday march 23

A. loves to take pics herself. Today I even let her "play with my beloved Nikon. She took some great shots. Shhht, I'm cheating a little, this was in fact taken yesterday. Don't tell!


  1. wonderful shots!! Great!! Seems you had wonderful days!!

    Love the self-portrait shot A. has made.
    It´s so full of closeness and she did it fantastic!

  2. great series of photos! love the new hair cut for A.. I'd love Katie to try bangs again but she is firm she doesn't want them. and ice fun but so hard to get good lighting, must be the ice, I have the same problem! Love Fu, great photo, he has such expression! and love the guitar picture! and the swings too! So nice to have the weather to go outside and play, isn't it? :)