Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 72 to 76

Day 76 Monday 16/03/09:

Just loved L. 's combination today: her pink tutu and her new jeans, ready to go to ballet practice.

Day 75 Sunday 15/03/09:
We were walking with the dog and the girls had their Rollerblades on. It was really nice and I got some great pics. These 2 were taken when DH just said to me "You know what, we could go get some Chinese take out for tonight" But I'm not going, you'll have to go get it, OK? When A. heard this, she instantly fell on her knees and bagged me to go "Please, pleeeease, Mommy, please!" and this last phrase wasn't translated from Dutch, she knows the "please" word in English way to well! She was so funny!
Here some more pics from today:
This is one of my favorite pics of today!

Playing on the swing and acting funny! Just love the look on A. 's face!

Day 74 Saturday 14/03/09:

On our way to a wedding reception: A. making bubbles while asleep in the car!

and on our way home from the wedding reception: A. fast asleep in the back seat!

Day 73 Friday 13/03/09:

I was playing with the levels and curves settings in CS3 - it's all so different from PSE5, I need to learn so much. Tonight I had some fun and I love the result. Don't you?

Day 72 Thursday 12/03/09:
One of the displays at a store we always go to (the girls and I) just for fun! We love to look and discover all the new and colorfull items they got.


  1. all your photos are great - each in its own way!!!

  2. What a bunch of great photos. Love the Black and White, very cool. I also love your store picture, my favorite colors! L's outfit in the top could so be my MQ's!! And the swinging one is just precious, your girls look so happy together, they seem so affectionate!