Sunday, March 22, 2009

DAY 78 - 82

Day 82 - Sunday

Today, we went to pick up L. who was at a trooper/girl scout weekend. My baby was gone for 2 days!!! Was I glad to have her back save in my arms -- but not for long: we stopped to eat something on the way back home and there was ... a trampoline.

Day 81 - Saturday march 21

Today we had some fun, We were blowing our hair dry... just A. and I and we took some beautiful pics of her and some crazy ones of me. When I saw mine I was totally ROTFLOL! I'm not really sure it's a good idea to post it here, LOL!

And look what we made for supper!

It's official, right! It's the first day of Spring and what did we do : we grilled our meat on the BBQ!!!! First time this year and in a totally unpropre place -- we are rebuilding and my DH is standing between bricks and concrete -- but it was so much fun and also quite important: it was delicious.

Day 80 - Friday march 20

This was my beautiful little Olive tree. It's the first time we didn't get it inside for the winter. Well, we did but instead of putting it in the house, it went into a little green house in the back of our garden and ... I forgot all about it... so, after a very cold winter and without any water... it didn't survive! Sigh!!!!

Day 79 - Thursday march 19

L. needed some empty eggs (not sure how these are called in E.) for a project at school so her daddy was blowing his loungs out.

Day 78 - Wednesday march 18

Breakfast = a little milk and some Italian bread stiks! That's what A. choose for breakfast this morning. Not my choice but obviously beter then nothing.


  1. GREAT photos, I love the blow drying ones, way toooo fun!

  2. I like the blow drying ones, too!

  3. Love those great hair pics!! Ahh spring! It can't be here soon enough!

  4. The blowing hair dry - shots are funny and great!! What wonderful memory shots!! Love them!

    Sorry about your olive tree It´s a pity!!

    Daddy is a great helper for L. and a wonderful cook... we had BBQ, too at the weekend.

    Seems many blogger had BBQ at this weekend.

    Have a good start in the new week!

  5. I like the blow drying ones. You look like a model with the wind machine!

    My dh got out the barbeque this weekend too, it's a guy thing all over the world!

  6. I love looking at your pictures! The blow drying ones are so fun!! I'm sorry about your little olive tree. That is something I would do and then feel sad about.

  7. Oh I love to see your photos - the little differences are fun! Those blow dry photos are a riot! I may have to lift that idea and get the kids - blow drying is a regular event here. I'm so sorry about your little tree - no chance for it to come back? I'm not good with plants.

  8. What a great collection of pictures!! Love the hair!