Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 57 until today Day 68!

I'm soooo behind ... I'm going to just put some pics here to get back on time! It's so hard to keep up, I just don't have enough hours in a day.

Day 68 - TODAY

L. is really getting addicted to this Nintendo thing... A. loves to play too but not as much as her sister. L. would play all day if she could!

Day 67 - March 7
Blowing bubbles with some friends!

This is my favorite pic of today! You can actually see the bubble spatters. I love it!

Day 66 - March 6

Doesn't look like much,right! But the friends we had over for dinner just loved it!
Some garden cress, some goat cheese and some cheese potatoe chips.

Day 65 - March 5
Fu in a zen moment, looking at me, very peacefully.

Day 64 - March 4

DH posing for me. I was trying out the different settings on my camera. This pic is taken without flash.

Day 63 - March 3
Day 62 - March 2
trying to photograph some textures to make BG papers!

Day 61 - March 1
The star is a Christmas present A. made at school, I love it so much that on March, 1st it still decorates my window. It's time though to remove it, because the green moss is really turning brown. The birthday cards are from L. She turned 7 on Valentine's day. I guess time to remove them too...
Day 60 - February 28
We organized a Martial Art event and the girls were helping out all afternoon. They truly amazed me. They worked so hard. It was really a day to remember!
Day 59 - February 27

I was in Brussels for a meeting and my car was parked just onder the Atomium.
This is the sight I got when I came back to my car.

Day 58 - February 26
The soap dispenser in our bathroom * I just love the green.


  1. You got some great pics of everyday life!!

  2. What a great set of photos! I love my clear glass dispenser with green soap. The Atomium looks really cool. Good for you for playing with your camera settings. You organized a martial arts event? I'm intrigued. Way to go girls! I hang on to stuff like cards and flowers way too long too. The watercress and goat cheese looks super yummy to me!!! Yum. Love the bubble pictures - the dark colors of their coats and hair is offset so nicely with their bright faces. Ah the DS - we might never see Alison again if I didn't limit her time. And Fu - what an adorable dog!! Kudos to you - his fur must take a lot of work! :)

  3. What a great set of photos!!!

  4. Chantal, I was getting worried about you. So good to see so many terrific photos today. Love the one of the Atomium. Were interesting structure! Love all the pictures of your girls and it's nice to see a picture of your husband. WE take off tomorrow so I probably won't be making many comments for the next 2 weeks.