Sunday, September 6, 2009

DAY 248 - 250

Day 250 Sunday, September 6

My sister came over today. We didn't see each other for months. This is her little boy, isn't he gorgeous? I just love his eyes!!!

Day 249 Saturday, September 5

"Mom, please stop! How many pics did you take? 100!!!!. this is my last smile! I mean it"

Day 248 Friday, September 4
A few minutes before bedtime I remembered I didn't have a pic for today. L was more then happy to be my subject! It's so great to see her smile like this. Especially after a not so great evening. The girls had their first rollerblading training of the new season. L was going to get new roller-blades (the competition model like the big kids) but no, no can do! Her feet are still to small, all the blades she tried on were way to big. I promised her she will get better & faster ones but not the competition ones yet. She gave me big tears! It was really hard on her, also because big sister did get hers. But she survived and now I need to keep my promise... by next Friday. How could I not keep it after she gave me this big smile?

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  1. gorgeous little boy with the blue eyes! But also great pics from both of your beautiful girls.
    Poor L about the new roller-blades - but sure she will be proud next Friday!?