Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DAY 245 - School!

Yeah! school started today! And we were READY but a little nervous too. A. is going to 4Th grade... in a new school. She's happy about it (changing schools is her choice) but also scared. New environment, new people, new friends, new learning methods... so much to deal with. But it went well. She did fine and had fun, made some new friends already, likes her teacher and is happy she's going back tomorrow.
L. had a great day too. My little peanut is in SECOND grade!!! She loves her new teacher (the one A. had last year - a really really nice person), was thrilled to see her best friends again but ... they told me she had a bit of a hard time at recess and lunch time because she misses her sister. She'll do fine but it's such a big adjustment for her to be by herself at school now.
I just remembered I have some documents to fill for the girls to take to school tomorrow. I better do it right away otherwise L. is going to give me the evil eye in the morning!


  1. They look adorable! Glad th eir school day went well!

  2. Your girls are so beautiful Chantal!!! I'm glad they are doing well - I'm sure it's a big adjustment when your big sister is not there any more, but she will get used to it!
    Lovisa started second grade as well - this year is starting out much better than last year. She had such a hard time to begin with since she didn't know anyone in her class. Now she has friends, so everything is better :)

  3. fantastic shot of your both girls!! Glad they are doing well and enjoyed the first day!