Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DAY 203 - 204

Day 204 Wednesday, July 22

OK! The story behind this one is tooo funny! Every day we have 2 Ice cream trucks passing by our house. "Popeye" which we really don't like (the ice cream isn't that good and the man isn't that nice) and then there is "DingDong" who we really really like. So today we heard the music and were waiting in front of our house. The girls always get really excited when the music gets louder and the truck is almost visible. We can see it at about 60 meters from our home, there is a curve so before that not a clue which one is coming! Forgot to say: they both have the same music (it's a real war between those 2). So today, I asked the girls what do we do if it's Popeye? We jump back inside? We run away? What??? L. stayed very cool and said: I'm hiding! And look how! Isn't this hilarious! It definitely got "the photo of the day" price in my eyes!

Day 203 Tuesday, July 21
The water in the pool is still real cold so the girls were first making their hair wet. Don't ask! I don't have a clue why that would help. Seems to me it would make me feel colder but pfff... these are kids, right! Anyway, it gave me some great shots!


  1. You are right, these are fantastic shots! Love the second one with the splashing hair - great how you could captured this moment.

    Nice story behind the first picture!

  2. Great wet hair shots and loved the ice cream story! LOL!