Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DAY 194 - 196

Day 196 Tuesday, July 14

Not a happy day for L. Her 2 best friends are gone on vacation and on top of that, her sister had a friend come over to play. Last Saturday, she was at a birthday party and A. was alone at home, next month she goes to the beach for 3 days with her best friend and A. will be alone again. But she doesn't seem to care about that. She only knows about today, that her sister is having fun and she's NOT! After she gave us a pouty face for 2 hours, she started to play with the girls and eventually had fun too.

Day 195 Monday, July 13

As soon as Fu sees the camera, he moves! He was sitting in the grass and just looked beautiful. I wanted to take a shot of that moment but wasn't fast enough. He saw me, and like always stood up and came to meet the camera. And this is the result: Fu in motion!

Day 194 Sunday, July 12

Having fun on the swing.


  1. I like the smiles of the girls in the third picture! And Fu is darling as always

  2. beautiful pictures and stories about it!