Monday, July 20, 2009

DAY 199 - 202

Day 202 Monday, July 20

I just love this pic! They are not really asleep, they are faking it but isn't it beautiful? A few days ago, I made a LO with almost the same pic (only DH & A.) but that one wasn't staged at all. A. actually fell asleep on her daddy's chest. I LOVE that pic!
Today, I was on the computer (where else!?) when DH yelled "Now, you should take a pic of us!"...
I'm going to make a LO with this one for sure!!!!! and here's the one I'm talking about:

Your dad ~ Credits: Chunlin designs - Your ba ba forever

Day 201 Sunday, July 19

These are some kind of black berries, well we'll need some more patience but wow, are these going to be yummy once they have the right color! And we have soooo many of them on this little bush. Can't wait...

Day 200 Saturday, July 18

Discovering PlayStation and "the little BIG planet" - looks like a very fun game! We also have BUZZ! Man, that's an addicting game! We played all 4 of us and it was soooo much fun!!!

Day 199 Friday, July 17

some flowers in our backyard.


  1. wow the Dad layout turned out super great!! Stunning page. Love the journaling! Is it from you or do you haave a link where I can read the whole words?

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. That's a great pic of the 3 of them!!!