Monday, February 23, 2009

DAY 53 & 54

Day 53

These are all old dishes and a soup terrine I never use. So, they are now looking for a new home where they can be useful. My DH made me a new cabinet to store my drink glasses & dishes - lucky girl, right! - and there isn't any place for this old china.

Day 54

Not only did my DH make me a new cabinet for my China, he also made me a gorgeous new desk for my computer and stuff... I'm no longer looking at the inside of a closet when I scrap (my computer was hidden in an old cabinet, in our dining room!) I'm not showing it all right now, because he still needs to put some doors and I need to go shopping for a new lamp and chair. I'll take a pic when it's all done! I know, I'm a lucky girl!!!


  1. Wow!! So talented! that desk looks beautiful!

  2. Wow you are lucky! To get two new pieces of custom made furniture - kachow as my kiddo would say!