Friday, February 6, 2009

DAY 35+36+37

I was doing so well in January. Never missed a day! But since February is on, it's hard, really hard to keep up. I'll try to do better next week! Oh, and I know I've been tagged but didn't have time to follow this so I promise I'll do it next week. Thanks!!!

Day 35

L was so proud when she felt her new tooth coming out. Here I'm trying to get a close pic of it but I had the wrong lens on my camera. I couldn't get a closer photo!

DAY 36

Is A just tired or is she tired of me taking pics of her all the time?

DAY 37

When I told the girls it was bedtime, this little peanut, instead of going upstairs to her room, ran into the kitchen and started acting silly. Only a few minutes but that was enough for her to feel like she had won a little extra time! After that, no problems... hop, hop, hop into her bed!


  1. She looks very tickled with herself for gaining the few extra minutes before betime. What a cutie!

  2. Cute photos!! I love the little eyes peaking over her arm, too fun!!

  3. Wonderful photos Chantal!! Isn't it fun how excited they are about losing their teeth LOL
    Love your little peanut photo - she looks so happy with her extra few minutes :)