Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DAY 117 - 119 Playmobil

Day 119 - April, 28 Playmobil

My girls had amazing grades on their school report this Friday. We wanted to reward them a little and went toy shopping today: they always wanted some playmobil but never got some because these little guys are so expensive. But ... today, they got their first set. Not much but enough to be HAPPY and not wanting to go to bed tonight but stay up so they could play, play and play some more.

Day 118 - Monday April, 27

Can you see it? A. wanted to show her earrings because she thought you couldn't see them on the previous pics I posted.

Day 117 - Sunday April, 26
It was my DH's birthday today but I totally forgot to take pics of him or the cake I baked (hum, read: bought!) so here's the digital card A. made for him. Hope this counts too!


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  2. A., your earrings look SO pretty! L.'s too! And I love that Playmobil set. Good job on the grades, girls!

  3. A your earring are beautiful! COngratulations on the first playmobile set they are so much fun!

  4. wonderful earrings and congrats to a amazing grade on their schoolreport.

    Yeah Playmo is really expensive sure both were now really proud of their first one