Monday, April 20, 2009

DAY 100 - 111 White tulips

Day 111 - Monday, April 20

I made it again! I'm back on track and as a celebration, I took a pic of my favorite flowers : white tulips!

Day 110 - Sunday, April 19

They had to wait to be back to get their Easter eggs. It was so funny! My mom left a note for the girls to find when we came home from vacation. She explained that because of the rain, the eggs couldn't stay in the garden and wait for them to come home, so she did some egg hunting herself, brought the eggs inside and hide them all in our house! The girls were so excited, it took like 3 minutes for them to find all the eggs. Of course, since then they cannot stop eating chocolate!

Day 109 - Saturday, April 18

Our last day, DH arrange a yummybreakfast for us at the Bed&Breakfast place near our cottage! I just loved all the stylish little things on our table.

Day 108 - Friday, April 17

I had to work on Thursday and Friday so I drove home on Wednesday night, all by myself. DH, the kids and the dog staid at our holiday cottage. After work on Friday, I drove back to the cottage to enjoy a last evening-morning of vacation with them. Well, for miles and miles this was my view on the higway. Trafic was horrible!

Day 107 - Thursday, April 16

This was Fu's favorite: watching the rabbit, he could stay there and watch for hours! This little one had his home just outside our cottage, so cute!
Fu had such a fun vacation, it was the first time we took him with us and it was just great.

Day 106 - Wednesday, April 15

Look at them... they had so much fun!

Day 105 - Tuesday, April 14

Isn't this cute? It was hanging outside our cottage.

And some beach pics:

Day 104 - Monday, April 13

Cute little boat houses at Middelburg, Zeeland.
Day 103 - Sunday, April 12

This is the kitchen shelf in our cottage. I just loved the arrangement. Simple but sweet!

Day 102 - Saturday, April 11

Yes, the sea! We decided a few days ago to take a little vacation for Spring break and hired a little cottage at the seaside, in Zeeland (The Netherlands). It's GORGEOUS here!

Day 101 - Friday, April 10

Enjoying some spring sunshine.

Day 100 - Thursday, April 9

Fresh strawberries on a very soft curd cheese bed: my favorite dessert. L loves it too, we could eat one every day.


  1. These are fantastic. OMG I love the rollerblading shot lol.

  2. I was getting worried about you, but now I see you were just having great fun! Great photos. Love the one of Fu and the rabbit!

  3. Welcome back.. I have to get my photos posted too. Wow, looks like you had a great vacation. Love the strawberries.. I think that would be my favorite too :) and Fu and the rabbit is just adorable! We had one in the yard the other day when I let the dogs out. Thankfully it was faster then them and scurried under the fence! love the photos. Looks like a relaxing vacation!

  4. Welcome back! I missed you!

    I´m glad you had a fun spring vacation at the sea! Love the beach pics, and snuggling with Dad most - but all your shots are great.

  5. Such wonderful photos! The tulips caught my eye but you have so much more. What a great, great idea to have breakfast at a local B&B as a treat.

  6. Oh welcome back, it must have been so hard to come back from such a beautiful vacation!! Thank you for sharing your amazing photos!!! soooo many beautiful shots!! (Loved Fu with the bunny!)

  7. You've inspired me to play catch-up! Wonderful photos!!! I LOVE the tulips!

  8. Great to see you back!! Wonderful photos!!

  9. Oh, yum!! And WOW - what gorgeous photos!! Such a nice break for y'all!! :)