Sunday, March 21, 2010

Candy gifts

These are the candy gifts we made for L.'s friends. She had a belated birthday party a few weeks ago. I made a card, put it in a plastic folder for every kid with their name on it and they loved it.
L. has her card attached to her schoolbag now. It's really cute!

Credits: Artemia Charity kit (I recolored the hair of the little girl)

These were the candy gifts for A.'s friends on her birthday party in January.

Credits: Vera Lim's kits: It's my day Princess - Woodland fantasy - A child's play


  1. how lovely are these cards - they turned out fantastic!

    Did you made the print at home with your own printer or in a copy shop - the colours are fantastic - with my printer I´ll never get such fantastic colours

  2. Thanks for the nice comment. I printed at home with a HP officejet all-in-one printer but I used photo paper. The colors are great, a little less light on them but great.

  3. Chantal, thanks for stopping by my blog... I was really good about keeping it up last year but I've fallen a bit by the wayside lately... and I guess I thought it didn't much matter anyway. I love your party favors. I'm in party crisis mode here -- Rachel is having a birthday party on Sunday -- invited the whole class -- no idea who will show up. I'm working on a bunch of "Amazing Race for 10 year olds" kind of stuff although nothing as lavish or complicated. Not sure how I'm going to work it in -- or if anyone will come -- do you see the panic starting?